Touch Thai Massage Spa (Bath)

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Touch Thai Massage Spa (Bath)

Myky X

A great place!
Very nice place for a great massage..

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Jo Ba

Impressive massage!
Visited for a couples massage, and we were both very impressed. Friendly staff, exceptionally clean premises located on a pleasant street a few minutes from the city centre. Had a very tight shoulder, and they cleared the knots for me, and it now feels so much better. Highly recommended.

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Svetlana G

The best I've ever had!
It was SO good! The best massage I have ever had! Highly recommend the place and its lovely, friendly and super professional staff!!!

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Rosario B

Fantastic and found the right spots to sort out 


Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Henrietta O

Great experienve!
Great experience given I booked only 1 hour in advance. Staff were polite. We arrived just 1 minute to time, she was polite, offered us water. Booked for 30 mins massage, the session lasted for 40mins. They were supposed to close at 9pm but my message finished at 9:10pm and there was no urgency to finish off early. Good Thai massage! Thank you!

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Thomas L

Authentic Thai massage with very skilled masseurs who know exactly where your tension points are. Had a few knots in shoulders and all feels perfect and fluid now!

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Manuel A

Better than Thailand!
Outstanding massage place, we loved the relaxing vibe. The place is very clean and beautifully appointed, and the masseuses are very skilled and know exactly which zone to target. Overall one of the best massages we had (as good as if not better than in Thailand) .

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath


Another planet!
Had a trapped nerve in my neck affecting arthritis in my shoulder for weeks. Decided to try a massage for my upper body. The staff fitted me in very quickly and were very lovely. Really nice premises and friendly staff.
Very knowledgeable and could feel my problem area. Worked really thoroughly on it and I can feel the difference already. Walked away feeling like I was on another planet. Really good massage and will definitely come back.
Thank you to my massage therapist for your care and attention. It probably isn't easy working on a bigger body and I appreciated how hard you worked to try and help me.

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath


Absolutely brilliant!
Absoutely brilliant!

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Connie R

Not Happy!
Previously had one very good massage here. Sadly I booked a massage for my birthday. Was told I would be called in the morning to confirm I would be coming. No call so I called myself and they confirmed my booking. When I arrived they said I must be at the wrong place and they hadn't spoken to me. I showed them the phone calls to their number but they still denied it. No attempt to rearrange or offer any condolencses. They even said this has happened before! Sadly I won't use them again now.
(REPLY! We really can only apologise.
We have no explanation for this mishap, it has happened before that people have booked but we have no reference of the booking. Whether it is cross wires to another massage centre or simply a mistake by our staff, we have as yet been unable to discover the cause.
Please be assured that staff have been advised about this and measures will be taken to make sure a similar fault in the future is not caused by ourselves.
Royal Orchid Thai Massage Cheltenham).

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Sofie M-S

July 2021
If you are looking for a massage that really gets into the knots, this is the place! The masseuses were lovely, Ginny (hope I got the name right!) found all my sore spots - it was painful but in a good way! Highly recommended.

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Maxim M

july 2021
The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating.

Touch Thai Massage Spa Bath

Eamon M

June 2021
Excellent service and good quality deep tissue full body massage. Very good value for money £50 for 1 hour. June did my wife the day before and she's over the moon with her treatment, very professional and friendly. We will be returning as soon as possible.

Touch Thai Massage Spa

C N Hatch

Me and my girlfriend had brilliant full body oil massages. My girlfriend said it's the best massage she's ever had. 2 very happy customers.
September 2021

Touch Thai Massage Spa

S Alex

Best massage I have had in years. Full hour and good prices. We had a couples massage which they accommodated easily. Very private and lovely atmosphere.
September 2021

Touch Thai Massage Spa

S M Shoults

If you are looking for a massage that really gets into the knots, this is the place! The masseuses were lovely, Ginny (hope I got the name right!) found all my sore spots.
September 2021

Touch Thai Massage Spa


My friends and I had wonderful massages from Thai Touch Massage.
I was very pleased with the service. I currently have a sprained ankle and my masseuse took extra care and attention to me. She started off by very gently massaging my ankle and foot which made it feel a lot better. For the rest of the massage she propped my ankle up and made sure she wouldn’t touch it.
Thank you so much to the team. I can’t wait to come again.
August 2022

Touch Thai Massage Spa


Came for an hour-long foot massage. I forgot the name of the masseur who attended to me but she had quite a light touch which was great for me. I came in winter so it was a bit chilly. There are private areas for each client so you won't see others, and it's generally very quiet and there's a strong incense/wood smell. This place also only accepts cash.
December 2022

Touch Thai Massage Spa


Came in feeling stressed and left feeling relaxed. Good massage, very effective for stressed and tensed body..removed knots and muscle soreness
January 2023